Green Policy

We offer a variety of recycled papers from 30% in most stocks to 100% in a few. Our copiers (both Color & B&W) use a soy based toner contained in a recyclable # 2 plastic bottle. Our Presses use vegetable-based ink with a vacuum system to reduce our staff’s exposure to vapours.

If your paper is accepted, hire custom paper writing you can ask the professor for a copy of the report where you could use as a source of advice on other fields of research.

We encourage our clients to use both sides of the paper when copying to cut down on the number of trees consumed by our business (no pun intended).

We have a “phone book” drop box to allow our clients, fellow neighbours and any one walking by to dispose of their phonebooks here, knowing that they will be recycled! This is not a once a year campaign but an open invitation year round.

All documents are recycled through Secure Shred services All off cuts and waste paper is recycled through Urban impact recycling

It needs to be available when a deadline is needed to pass the last research paper site evaluation of the year.