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The private and commercial property market makes up a decent chunk of the economy.

According to research, many real estate agents in the Canada compete with each other daily to sell or rent private and commercial real estate. All of them are trying to figure out the answer to one crucial question: how does a single agent stand out from the crowd? The answer is commercial real estate signs!

Real estate signs are basically like a polymer logo signage placed at entrances. They aim to grab the attention of passers-by and, ideally, prompt them to contact an agency or investigate the property.
Large commercial real estate signs are a typical marketing tool, used to promote a company and its services. Although custom real estate signs can’t help to sell the house, they increase brand awareness and make a company look professional.
Design isn’t the only way to make an agency unique. You can also choose different types of signs.

These include signs such as hanging real estate signs, real estate flags, real estate sign frames, real estate yard signs, etc.
Whether you are looking for a yard sign to place it in real estate yard or large real estate signs for advertising in the streets, Fine Print & Signs can help you!
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How a “For Rent Sign” Impacts Marketing of a Real Estate Agency?

Renting and leasing make up a big share of the real estate market.

For rent sign or for lease sign is a good way to attract clients to your site. Place it nearby the property, and the deal is sealed. Well, not quite. A sign rental for an agency must be eye-catching yet professional. This means that designs, colors, and a location must all be well-chosen. The rules are pretty much the same for an apartment for rent sign, for lease sign, and house for rent sign:

  • Maintain a professional style – use branded colors, don’t overdo it with text and design, and embed a logo and a QR code to reach the website.
  • Locate it in an area with good visibility – if you’re using real estate yard signs, choose an open area without bushes or trees.

What you must consider in order to enhance your reach is the type of sign. For example, in the urban jungle, it’s better to go for hanging now leasing signs rather than signs built within compact frames.

How to Benefit from Signs for Sale?

A house for sale usually requires much effort and time to bring to market. People never make such a hefty purchase in a split second. This means that realtors have to work hard to attract potential buyers to view the property.

A home for sale sign can’t attract customers into signing the contract of sale, but it fulfills such tasks as:

  • On-site advertising – A house for sale sign states to passers-by that the property can become theirs. It’s a cheap and functional method of out-of-home marketing.
  • Increased brand awareness – Realtor for sale signs improves your reach and promotes the agency’s name.
  • Enhanced accessibility – Signs for sale make the property easy to find amongst thousands of other real estates. Clients won’t have to search for a long time. They will focus on real estate for sale signs.

Custom for sale signs distinguish an agency from its competition. A unique design with a logo determines your uniqueness on site.

Moreover, a house or land for sale sign contributes to creating a professional image. This is vital to ensure success. No one wants to deal with an amateur when a four-zero sum is involved.

Along with this, an agency should use a realtor sold sign for sale signage. A sold sign real estate (installed once the property is purchased) is an excellent move in terms of branding. It ensures that you’ll receive no more inquiries from potential clients for a particular lot. On the other hand, it still advertises your company.

Real Estate Sign Ideas

How to make a real estate sign post eye-catching, professional, and affordable at the same time? Many would say that you should turn to a professional.

This is an easy way of delegating responsibility for real estate sign ideas to a designer. If that’s what you are looking for, order a free consultation with Fortuna Visual Group professionals. We guarantee high-quality, unique real estate signs at affordable pricing. For more information contact us at, or give us a call at 604-503-1117

Those who want to immerse themselves in the process of working out real estate sign board design can read on. First and foremost, you need to decide on a particular type of signage. Real estate sign design can be:

  • Colonial post – A sign is attached to an inverted – “L” pole.
  • H-frame stake – a lightweight H-shaped sign, typically constructed using a wireframe. These real estate sign examples are easy to set up, remove, and transport.
  • Frame – a wooden or metal frame that covers one or two smaller spaces in terms of realtor sign dimensions.
  • A-frame – a so-called “sandwich board” that is easy to transport.
  • Window graphics – Vinyl decals, stuck on large windows.
  • Flag – a fabric flag fixed to a tall pole.

Once the type of sign is set, it’s time to choose a custom design. Basically, you must use readable text on a branded sign. A simple yet professional design, a phone number, and 30-40% of “white space” are the main aspects to mind

Modern Real Estate Signs

In the 21st century, agencies have to work hard to attract clients – whatever industry they operate in. Modern real estate signs are much more than text on corrugated plastic in real estate sign frames. The design must give the impression of aesthetic pleasure and competence.

Those who market in urban areas should perhaps go for a metal real estate sign. They fit the environment better than wooden real estate signs. At the same time, real estate metal yard signs deserve a chance. You just need to choose an appropriate color and a preferably compact real estate sign size.

Luxury real estate signs may deliver a higher ROI if they include certain features, such as:

  • Brochure boxes – A box on wood real estate sign posts can store brochures with information about an open house or your agency.
  • QR-code – A useful feature that can lead directly to your website, a video, a payment system, etc. Embed real estate sign light to make it visible in the evening.

Worry-Free Real Estate Sign Installation with FinePrint & Signs

Real estate agents have lots of things to worry about. Their daily routine is based around searching for a property to market, looking for potential clients, discussing the deals with potential buyers, and much, much more. Along with this demanding daily workload, they have to think about real estate marketing.

Sale signs are one of the best ways to advertise in the industry. It’s always easier to turn to a real estate sign company. Sharing the workload with professional results in higher quality signs and less stress. Furthermore, a real estate agent doesn’t have to worry about installation if it’s necessary.

Not all real estate agent signs require installation (for example, the A-Frame sign). Other, non-transportable models will take some time and effort to set up. Some of them require additional tools like a pole.

Installing a real estate sign won’t take much time. Specialists will work on the pole first and place the sign afterwards. FinePrint & Signs can help to get real estate sign installation services. You can be sure that you’re dealing with professionals. We have 10+ years of experience in our field.

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